Netkonect Communications PLC are a licenced telecommunications provider and Internet provider.

Our products include broadband, non-geographic numbers, web hosting
Premium rate numbers, unified messaging, email, domains, mobile content, ringtones, java games
polyphonic tones
, adsl, premium rate call services, cheap international calling and more.
free dial-ups are available from our free dial-up website.

We also offer most of our products for resale via our NKChannel reseller site. Most orders via the
site are easy to make and can be ordered online.

wires only 500kbps download speed, wires only 1000kbps download speed,
wires only static ip 500kbps download speed
, wires only static ip 1000kbps download speed
wires only 500kbps download speed with hosting, wires only 1000kbps download speed with hosting
ethernet 500kbps download speed, ethernet 1000kbps download speed
ethernet 2000kbps download speed

web hosting services are available with online control panel for easy controlof your hosting package
telecom services including premium rate, advanced applications and instant ordering for our
call routing services
domain registration

Netkonect is a premier provider of communication services, supplying integrated telecommunications and Internet solutions for companies across the UK. Netkonect customers enjoy fast, flexible and future-proofed services ensuring significant competitive advantage.


Important News About Netkonect Communications

Following a business wide review, Mistral has decided to transfer all customer activity to its head office in Brighton. This is to ensure that all Netkonect customers receive the same benefits and have access to the Mistral support, accounts and sales teams.